Our Journey

We are Human Resources professionals with over 35 years experience in leading, coaching, and developing ourselves and those around us. Our experience, perspective, and wealth of knowledge in the areas of leadership and career coaching, psychology, human behavior, emotional intelligence, and personality, makes us a valuable asset to take your leadership to the next level. Fueled by a passion to change the future of leadership, we are positive change-makers who inspire transformation and growth.

Cheryl Wheeler

Leadership Coach | Career Coach | Relationship Manager

The foundation of my work has been built upon my passion and ability to guide others in a direction of growth. I started my career as a social worker where I learned early that I possessed a true gift of connecting with people at deep, authentic levels. This ultimately launched me into over two decades of a successful career in human resources and consulting. As an expert in leadership and organizational development, I’ve had the privilege of shaping high-performing cultures and leaders in all types and sizes of business from small to mid-size family businesses and start-ups, to non-profits and multi-national corporations. Industry experience includes: manufacturing, brokerage and trading, information technology, energy and utility, communications, structural and civil engineering, financial services, architecture, construction/design build, aerospace, marketing, education and healthcare.

With a Master of Social Work, advanced training in human behavior, psychology and coaching, and extensive business and executive leadership experience, I provide powerful guidance to help both companies and individuals breakthrough and rise to their fullest potential. I have a genuine affection for working with progressive organizations and high-potential individuals and coaching their growth and development. My leadership experience, trustworthiness, and approachable and empathetic personality are part of my personal character which enables me to inspire growth, establish deep personal connections, and serve as an honest and dependable sounding board, coach, and positive influencer.

Jake Carman

Leadership Coach | Career Coach | Product Development

Developing and growing myself and others is a continuous thread woven throughout my life. As a graduate of the DePaul University School of Education, I began my quest to share knowledge and wisdom with others with the goal of helping them learn about themselves and the world around them. At a young age, I demonstrated a profound ability to understand human personality and behavior, motivation, as well as how people function within different organizational systems. I started on the path of organizational development by seizing an opportunity to transform struggling companies into high-performing and engaged workplaces. Facilitating this type of transformation inspired me to continue to learn, grow, and teach the leadership and organizational principles that produce extraordinary results.

From my extensive knowledge of human and organizational psychology, and experience in executive leadership coaching, I give powerful guidance to help both companies and individuals think big, realize creative energy, and find meaningful purpose, which I believe to be the necessary driving forces for continued growth. My strong intuitive understanding of personality and behavior allows me to connect with people on a deeper level when I listen, coach, teach, and train, with the goal of affecting positive changes that will foster motivation, creativity, engagement, and well-being.

We all create the future, one day at time...

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