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Leadership = Character + Performance

We believe that the best leaders are the ones who coach their teams. Our system helps leaders grow their resiliency, communication, feedback, and collaboration skills, while providing the structure they need to continuously coach their teams to higher levels of performance.

Great Cultures Attract and Retain the Best Employees

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Performance Management That Works

Instead of using outdated techniques for performance management that don't work in today's workplace, we provide and teach our coaching system that helps create the necessary environment to allow for ongoing healthy feedback, interpersonal connections, and for employees to reach their true potential. Our system helps leaders grow the emotional intelligence, communication, and feedback skills they need to properly lead, engage, coach, and motivate their team to success. We also give leaders the right structure and process to carry out the personal, ongoing coaching with their team in a simple and consistent manner.

Developing High-Performing Leaders

The new model leader is emotionally intelligent and actively works on coaching, growing, and developing their teams through constructive feedback, collaboration, goal setting, and accountability to help them reach their true potential. Our system teaches leaders how to coach their team, have tough conversations, manage stress, and perform at their best. We create leaders who are self-aware, compassionate, and unafraid to have difficult, but necessary performance discussions with their teams. The leaders we develop understand the needs, strengths, and motivations of themselves and their team and focus on continuous development.

Creating the Culture of The Future

The rapidly evolving workforce can bring a lot of confusion about how to attract and retain the right talent to an organization. In a nutshell, young people are seeking healthy, values-driven workplace cultures that care about their growth and development. Our system improves the health of your culture by developing emotionally intelligent leaders throughout the organization which helps cut down on time spent dealing with interpersonal issues and the massive amounts of money spent recruiting, hiring, or dealing with lawsuits. Employees deserve to have a healthy culture and they will work harder when they do.

Why does your company need a coaching system?

As a leader, giving and receiving feedback is incredibly important for growth, development, and a positive work experience. However, these feedback conversations often happen in traditional, outdated 1-5 ranking performance feedback. Choosing to use yearly, bi-annual, and even quarterly review sessions as the only opportunity for feedback just doesn't cut it in the modern workplace. In fact, when companies carry out performance reviews incorrectly, it actually has a negative effect on employee morale, engagement, and well-being. This leads to misalignment, interpersonal problems, lack of innovation, and high turnover. A coaching system, on the other hand, provides a comfortable structure to give ongoing feedback, set goals, and tackle interpersonal issues before they get out of control.

If companies want great leaders, they need to know how to coach those they lead.

Many of us can think back to a time where we had a great coach who helped us develop into who we are today. They took the time to connect with us, build trust, and encourage our growth and development. These were leaders that spoke to our hearts, lifted our spirits, and unlocked our hidden internal motivation and engagement. Great coaches put in the effort and reap the rewards of maximizing the potential of their team and leading them to success.

Is investing in coaching worth it?

Poor retention and recruiting, low productivity, lawsuits, interpersonal issues and lack of motivation are often caused by lack of emotional intelligence and are tremendously costly to the bottom line. Study after study shows that happy employees leads to higher engagement, lower turnover, and less wasted time dealing with personnel issues that should never have happened in the first place. When leaders have ongoing feedback sessions with their teams, they form a stronger personal connection that makes it easier to give constructive feedback, set goals, have difficult conversations, and collaborate effectively.

How is accountability worked into the process?

Accountability is a crucial component of our coaching system. When leaders coach, they set measurable, tangible growth goals, manage the process, and have ongoing discussions about performance on those goals. No more infrequent performance discussions. In our framework, leaders send and receive real-time feedback and make time for regular one-on-one meetings. This way, leaders are in constant communication with their team and working to remove barriers to success. This ongoing feedback and communication removes any surprises from a traditional annual performance management system.

Rooted in a foundation of Positive Psychology, we coach, train, and teach the cutting-edge leadership techniques needed to grow your business, foster a great organizational culture, and reduce stress and anxiety. We are the support for your business as it transforms into a healthy, people-centered, higher performing organization.

Who We Serve

We serve organizations seeking to transform the way they lead their people.

Small and Medium-Sized Business Leaders

Taking your leadership to the next level

We work with small and medium sized businesses who are ready to take their existing leadership development efforts to the next level and adjust their culture to attract and compete for young and talented workers. We have experience with all types of industries and companies. We seek leaders who understand the need for an emotionally intelligent, people-centered culture but need help getting there. We're your go-to experts for fostering the great leadership and culture that will bring future success to your business.

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